शनिवार, 20 दिसंबर 2008

फायबर आर्ट

These are some of the images of my work that I have been doing over a period of time. There are images of landscaping, bonsai, furniture designing (though just a couple of those) & my drawing room (not recent) apart from intricately pieced patchwork & wall pieces using many techniques. The wall pieces have many textural variations achieved through the use of combed silk cords(for the waterfall) or a statue made of plaster of Paris, or even yarns & slivers .Quite a few of these embroideries have painted backgrounds, using water colour on silk, of hand woven silks used to create certain effects. A closer, enlarged view will give a better idea of the varied techniques (inclusive of raw edges of silk pieces or saree or shawl tassles used for grasses etc. There is starched silk used for leaves & there is water soluble fabric used, first, to embroider upon & then dissolve to get a 3D effect by attaching those in the form of flowers etc.

A few Comments from the visitors on the blog।

१)Wow so amazing! They are gorgeous and I agree with others that say they should be on display somewhere, I didn't even know that embroidery could look like that!

२)Wow, everything there is incredible, not just the quilts।

३)Her work is amazing. Her great sense of color, design, skilled craftsmanship
shines through. Her work transcends fads and will always be appealing. I can
see now why you say she is a genius. She has a great innate talent and I am
sure that even had she chosen a different media to express herself, she
would have excelled।

४)Marji said

I am speechless. Your work is beautiful

५)Jenne said

These are so beautiful! I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like it. You're very talented!

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Mr Bisht ने कहा…

Aesthetically brilliant creations.

अनन्य ने कहा…

नववर्ष २००९ की मंगल कामनाओं सहित बहुत बहुत बधाई !

रज़िया "राज़" ने कहा…

pahle to mai mafi magna chahungi ki aapne mere blog par itni badhiya comment di par mai jawab nahi de pai, par mai saudi arebia gai hui thi.aapne ek sundar kavita mere liye bheji, shukriya.
Aapka blog bada pasand aaya.aapki tarhan aapke vicharon ki tarhan colour combination bilkul sahi hai.
Ek bar aapka tahe dil se shukriya ada karti hun.